Restaurant Concept 

Colberg Steak House 

Food & drink 

The Colberg Steak House menu has a variety of different lunch and dinner food items. They have burgers, salads, soups, shrimp, ribs, salmon, and many other items that you will love to have on your plate. 

The lunch menu at Colberg Steak House has chicken, shrimp, and salmon, as well as combination items. The Colberg Steak House lunch menu starts at 20 to 100$. 

The dinner menu at Colberg Steak House has a variety of cuts, steak, ribs, etc., and can also be enhanced on request with toppings for an additional price. Apart from the dinner menu, their desserts, appetizers, salads and soups, and signature steaks taste delightful. 

A separate menu for kids includes cheeseburger, French fries, and much more. Moreover, the Colberg Steak House alcoholic drink menu has several varieties of drinks and cocktails. The drinks items include mojito, rum, vodka, as well as several custom-designed and signature cocktails. 


Colberg Steak House is located in Kolobrzeg, Poland. This is a tourist city. Thousands of tourists visiting this place every year to catch a sun during a summer time and have a nice time by the beach or to feel a fresh breeze during a winter time. 

The goal:

To create an app for the Restaurant where Users can order the meal.

My role:

UX designer designing an app  from conception to delivery.

Main target audience 

The local population and the tourist population will be a source of potential customers. Families with children, young parents, adults. 


The restaurant will be not cheap but it can not be expensive so that can everyone afford it. The prices for the steaks: Basic Filet* 6 Oz. 

$ 22.49 

Rich Filet* 9 oz. 

$ 26.99 

Colberg Sirloin 6 oz. 

$ 12.99 

Colberg Sirloin 9 oz. 

$ 16.99 

Outback Sirloin 12 oz. 

$ 19.99 

Ribeye 10 oz. 

$ 20.99 

Ribeye 14 oz. 

$ 24.99 

Hard Rock Strip 14 oz 

$ 24.29 

Bone-In Colberg Strip* 16 Oz. 

$ 28.99 

Colberg Bone-In Ribeye* 18 Oz. 

$ 28.99 

Colberg Porterhouse 20 Oz. 

$ 27.99 

Sirloin 6 oz. & Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie 

$ 17.99 

Sirloin 9 oz. & Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie 

$ 20.99 

Elevator pitch 

Colberg Steak House is a place more than you love. The meat is characterized by subtle use of spices in addition of vegetables, grains and fruits grown across the country. Poland has enjoyed a long and passionate love affair with the tastes of the American steak. Our team wish to continue this long tradition by opening up a steakhouse here in Poland. 

Some of the key features of our business are: 

• Dine-in Feature 

• Online Table Booking Feature 

• Booking Through Calls 

• Home Delivery Option 

Strategy Target 


The website will focus on the following target audiences: 

Roles (groups of people with similar goals) 

● Family (parents with children) 

● Elders 

● Tourists 

Demographics (gender, age, education, occupation, 

marital status, income, location) 

● Gender – Male and Female 

● Education – All kind 

● Occupations – All kind 

● Age – more than 25 

● Location – Kolobrzeg, Poland, By the beach 

Psychographics (personality, values, attitudes, interests, lifestyles) 


● Personality & Attitudes: Laid back, liberal, open minded 

● Values: a good time and fast service available at various hours 

● Lifestyles: Not much structure 


● Personality & Attitudes: family focused 

● Values: quality work 

● Lifestyles: Structured and sometimes demanding 


User Needs 

The website needs to enable the user to: 

● Find out if the restaurant delivers to their area 

● Order food online 

● Find out if the restaurant is open 

● Customize the order 

● Search function 

● To be responsive 

● Pricing 

The website needs to enable the client to: 

● To sell food online that will be delivered 

● Provide a system for order customization 

● Communicate the pricing 

● Communicate clear menus 

Outline of Scope 

Content Requirements 

Content (text, images, video) that the user will need. “The user will be looking for…” 

● Opening times 

● Delivery process 

● Prices 

● Food Menu 

● Images of menu items 

● Social Media 

● Contact 

● Account 

Functionality Requirements Systems that will allow the user accomplish tasks. 

“The user will be able to…” 

● Create account 

● Search the menu 

● Add items to shopping cart 

● Check out 

○ Enter payment info 

○ Enter delivery address 

● See real-time order status on a map 

Site Map

Mobile Wireframes

Desktop wireframe




My first submission for review was not successful so I had to change the design and I did it much better. First of all I used correct photos, created different mood boards and I changed the homepage vision. My skills in Illustrator improved.