Fotoferia – Desktop and Mobile Applications

I seriously started to learn photography  in 2005 and I was on many photo portals. However, I found out there is a need to create a portal that would be a place for photos of high artistic value. In 2008, together with a group of several Photographers, I started working on a portal project that was to have an unique formula. I was supposed to be the main investor. For several months we were discussing the portal project and we were doing UX / UI analysis of other Polish and foreign portals. First of all, I wanted to implement my main idea, which was to create a photo selection gallery with the Users status system.

The goal:

To create a Desktop Application for Photographers who can publish their photos.

My role:

UX designer designing the interface from conception to delivery with a help of Visual Designers.

Project overview

The website for Photographers who can publish their high quality photos with voting system.

Project duration – 1 year.

The problem:
No such website website in Poland highly moderated with fantastic photos. That was a mix of bad and good photos in one gallery.

The Goal

To create the beautiful designed website with unique features for Users.

My role: UX Designer from conception to delivery with professional support of Visual Designers.

Responsibilities: Conducting interviews, digital wire framing, low and high fidelity prototyping, site menu, conducting usability studies and accounting for accessibility.

Understanding the user

I conducted interviews to understand the User needs. A primary user group identified through the research was Photographers looking for high quality website with high moderation of the content.

Pain points

Mix of bad and good photos in one gallery.

Lack of moderation.

Lack of professional design.

Lack of photo competitions.


The photographer is a very sensitive person who reacts strongly to beauty. Likes to be praised and appreciated, accepts criticism poorly. He knows Photoshop and creation (photomontages) very well, so the graphic design should be at the highest level. He has a strong sense of aesthetics and can be non-subjective. Sometimes he feels like an Artist with a great ego. Photographers should be treated with caution in every aspect, they react lively and unpredictably.

The photographer has graphic skills and knows composition. He knows how to choose colors. Each Photographer is on many photo portals, so each new one has to “capture” him. As a rule, it is the quality of the photos posted, the higher the better. He likes to compete and win. He can help others in photography, sometimes he is not skillful in choosing words and has a lot of knowledge in the subject of photography.

Starting the design

This is my very first wireframe for the main page. I started to create the first mockups after that in Photoshop. That was November 2009.

First mockup of the main page.

I ordered the logos as well and I picked up the best one.

This is a designing process with corrections. 

After a month works we achieved the main page with a few other pages. This is the first homepage of Fotoferia. We had about 10 Testers that time and we started to invite more Users.

This is one of the gallery.

I was still not happy with the design and I was looking for other Visual Designers to help me with my goal.  I was conducting the research and user studies all the time to provide better UX for the website. The portal seemed to be complicated at the beginning because we created voting gallery which was new to the Users but very tempting. We started awarding Users for active voting by 2 additional slots for photos . My plan wast to create a possibility for the User to have a good looking portfolio.

This is a one of the proposal which as achieved after one year of discovery. We started to put a photo in a banner at the top of the website. We added internal messages system and forum.

In 2011 we got the almost final version of the portal and that happen after a few years of testing and research.

We started to have more Users so that was a proposal of the main page with places for the adverts. There is a new logo because I wanted to refresh that and added the news system there. 

The website expanded during a years. We added many features for the Users Portfolio, we created our unique photo competition system which can produce results in PDF. It has been more than 10 years of constant research and I learned a lot of designing process. We added the white version of the website as well.

This is the latest version of the dark skin. As you can see we placed top menu with search function. The banner was changed as well and some other features disappeared but new arrived. We added Photos of the Year as a user need and that was a great idea.

We created mobile applications finally. The idea was to give an opportunity of downloading the wallpapers. 

We added possibility of changing the top banner, making own slideshow with a music and changing the photos in the background.

This is the last proposal of the website interface design. We call it modern skin.

The website reached 100 millions of views from the beginning. Maybe it is not too much  comparing to Youtube but Youtube is not mine:) 

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